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Book Party Bus Toronto For Fun-Filled Celebrations & Professional Corporate Events.

Choose Party Bus That Fits Your Needs

Party Bus (20-22 passengers)

Our party bus, with a carrying capacity of 20-22 passengers, is ideal for you if you are going for a small birthday party, graduation party, bachelor or bachelorette party. This party limo bus will prove to be a sophisticated choice for your whole group because of the great benefits you will get while travelling on our bus.

Party Bus (28-30 passengers)

Our 28-30-passenger carrying party bus is perfect for you if you are travelling to attend a corporate event, wedding party, concert, or city tour. You can travel with a lot more companions on this party bus. This extra capacity will provide your guests with a lot more comfort and easy moving around. Customized leather interior, bars, and a large HD flat screen are some of its defining features.

Party Bus MCI1 (45-50 passengers)

This MCI1 party bus, having the capacity of 45-50 passengers, will provide you with the perfect opportunity to begin your party on the wheels. Our bus for parties in Toronto is equipped with ambient lighting and bars to provide you with a golden opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. Alongside this, features like a DJ system and dance floors are also available to dance your heart out with your guests on the party bus.

Party Bus MCI2 (45-50 passengers)

Equipped with the necessary features like DJ system, ambient lighting, wet bars, and dance floors. Your party will never stop in the luxurious Party Bus 45-50 MCl2.

Glorious Interior

Glorious Interior

Your All-Occasion Party Bus Rentals Service!

Sapphire Limousine caters to a wide range of travel and party needs in a customized way. We display a world-class fleet for parties, weddings, and bachelorette events. We also have the best chauffeurs ready to provide a smooth ride in and out of the city. More about our services;

  • Wedding Limousine

    You can trust our wedding limousine services designed just for that. With their luxury, elegance, and style, we're sure your day will be memorable. We have the right vehicle to make the occasion special.

  • Airport

    Toronto is a busy city which means you need the best and a reliable driver to take you through the day. Sapphire limousine offers you a chance to get to the airport on time or drop you anywhere you want. You can book instantly or in advance.

  • Party Bus

    Sapphire lets you party safely even during this pandemic. Our party buses are really spacious and come in different sizes. We're careful with all safety rules. If you're looking to host a party, contact us for a unique and memorable event.

  • Corporate

    Do you need to manage a group of people or organize a workshop? Concentrate on your work plans, and let us handle your travel arrangements. Sapphire is here to take care of all your business travel needs, whether it's getting to and from the airport or any other travel timing.

  • Casino

    You can enjoy a fancy casino trip with us at a really great price. Our cars are always clean and in top shape. You'll have a wonderful time because that's what our rides are all about. You can book ahead or right away.

  • Proms

    Get ready for a great night, and let us take care of your travel plans. Our skilled drivers prioritize safety to ensure you have a fantastic time. Explore our top deals for all your reservations.

Why Choose Sapphire’s Party Bus Toronto Services?


Why Choose Our Party Bus Service In Toronto For Birthdays, Nightlife And More?

A Lot of Amenities

A Lot Of Amenities

  1. Air Conditioner
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Amazing Light
  4. TV
  5. Music
Custom VIP Treatment

Custom VIP Treatment

  1. Customized itineraries
  2. Exclusive party bus selection
  3. Personal chauffeur
  4. VIP packages
  5. Helpful customer support
  6. Personalized decoration
  7. Wonderful treatment onboard
Different Party Buses Available

Different Party Buses Available

  1. Party Bus(20-22 passengers)
  2. Party Bus(28-30 passengers)
  3. Party Bus MCI1(45-50 passengers)
  4. Party Bus MCI2(45-50 passengers)
  5. Party Bus MCI3(45-50 passengers)
A Reliable and Stress Free Option

A Reliable And Stress-Free Option

  1. Arrive before time
  2. Easy reservation process
  3. Professionally trained drivers
  4. Insured and licensed completely
  5. Stress-free travelling
  6. First-class maintenance
  7. A safe and reliable option
Your Privacy our Responsibility

Your Privacy: Our Responsibility

  1. Protected party bus
  2. Confidential client information
  3. Professional staff
  4. Fully safe travel
  5. Confidential agreements
  6. Customized privacy options
  7. Secure data handling
Optimum Space and Comfort

Optimum Space And Comfort

  1. Spacious interiors
  2. Leather seating
  3. Sufficient leg space
  4. Enough storage available
  5. Large windows
  6. Extensive dance floor area
  7. Personalized climate control


Client Image

"Excellent services at the most convenient services. Sapphire Limousine made my birthday party even more special with the awesome ride and so many facilities. The chauffeur was really well behaved and everything else was even superb. I will surely be hiring this company again & again. Thank you guys."

- Mackay

Client Image

"Hiring Sapphire Limousine was surely the best decision I made for my wedding. Their services were all on time and the hospitality was outstanding. Thank you for making my big day even more special. I will surely recommend this company to all my friends in Future."

- Daryl

Client Image

"I hired this company for my airport travel and somehow I got late during pickup yet the chauffeur was already present and very cool with the situation. He drove me safely to the airport in time and I could catch the flight which I would have otherwise missed.Thank you for the awesome service."

- Mandy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Be at ease; we got the most value-for-money rental plans and budget-friendly deals for you!

You should choose our party bus because our bus can be used for different purposes. You can travel to a wedding, airport, party, corporate event, casino, and even a prom on our party bus. We provide exceptional party bus services, and that too as per your budget. Our fleet is one of the biggest in Toronto, and our party buses are really spacious. The chauffeurs of our buses are professionally trained, and they are known for their safe and time-bound travel. Our party bus travel is perfect for long trips due to its spacious interior and comfortable seating. So, for these reasons, you should choose our party bus in Toronto.
Of course, you can explore the beautiful city of Toronto on our party bus. Our buses have ample space and can accommodate at most 50 passengers at a time. There are large windows in our buses, through which you can enjoy the iconic locations of Toronto. You can even have a personalized itinerary to view and stop by the popular landmarks of this fabulous city.
The answer to it is that it depends, and it varies as per the different companies. Our party bus Toronto costs depend on a lot of factors, like your rental duration, event type, and the party bus that you want to book. But don’t worry, we have very reasonable prices. You can get in touch with us to know about our party bus packages and prices.
Yes, you can drink alcoholic beverages on our party bus if you are older than 21 years of age. In fact, our company also has the availability of a bar on some of our party buses, which you can use. However, there is a legal age limit that you must adhere to when indulging in your favourite cocktails, champagne, or other alcoholic beverages.
We have a big fleet of party buses that can easily carry 20 to 50 passengers with ease. You can choose any of them based on your number of companions. Another great option is to book our party bus based on the type of event. If it’s a big event, then you should book our party bus MCI3, and if it’s a small one, then you should go for our party bus with 20-22 passenger capacity.
There are a lot of party bus routes in Toronto that are quite popular for their own unique reasons. However, if you want to know about the most popular one, then that will depend upon your requirements. For example, if you are looking to see Toronto’s iconic landmarks like the CN Tower and waterfront, then we can take the Downtown Toronto route. If you want to see the nightlife of the city, then we can take the entertainment district route.
Yes, there are some age restrictions for renting a party bus. You must be at least 18 years old to book the party bus. Children are only allowed on the bus if you don’t want alcoholic beverages on the bus. So, you can book our bus if you are an adult who is more than 18 years of age.
Of course, we can accommodate all your requests for party bus decorations along with the themes you want. You can get custom decorations for the party bus that you book as per your needs. You can give us your requirements for the decoration and theme which you want on the bus, and we will give you everything you need.
We focus a lot on ensuring the safety of all our passengers. Furthermore, we also follow all the security measures to protect you from any probable accidents or injury while travelling on our bus. In fact, we also encourage you to follow appropriate behaviour on the party bus to ensure your and your companions' safety.
Definitely, you can bring your pet on the party bus. However, it should strictly be a service animal. The reason is that these pets are for the help of individuals with disabilities, so you can bring them onboard the bus. However, you must call us for your requirements before booking, so that we can make arrangements for the same.